Dracula, by Bram Stoker

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Dracula, by Bram Stoker ebook Description :
The undead icon of horror, Count Dracula, casts his hypnotizing force throughout this brilliant novel that combines the savage monsters of folklore with the emerging sciences of the Victorian age. Stoker's brilliant epistolary style for the novel creates a creepily voyeuristic effect as the story unfolds through the personal letters and diaries of its characters. Each chapter conveys the influence of Dracula as he watches, controls, and feeds.
Potent feelings flow like blood through the pages as the drama embraces sexual desire, the vicious joy of the hunt, the helplessness of surrender, and shuddering terror. The horrific tortures of Jonathan Harker during his imprisonment in the ancient tower of the beast in Transylvania, Renfield's mad jabbering within the bedlam of an English lunatic hospital, the terror of a doomed ship's crew slowly being eaten by its undead cargo, and proper drawing rooms where ladies are courted set the scenes for the fast-moving novel. Within the pages of this horror classic, you'll taste of revulsion as the innocent are turned to darkness. Only having a stake driven through your heart will make you forget this story. Download it in your choice of five formats.
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