Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius ebook Description : Dave Cutcher, «Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius: 57 Lessons with Projects» McGraw Hill Higher Education | ISBN: 0071448810 | Jan 2005 Year | 225 Pages | PDF | 12 MB
The newest addition to the bestselling 'Evil Genius' series, this book gives electronic hobbyists everything they need to master basic circuits and circuit design through 57 easy-to-follow lessons and 5 fun, complete projects. Work from ideas to real and useful prototypes, and have something to show for your learning.Read and build, test and modify - learning depends on observations.
Analysis is done by using a digital multi-meter and using your computer as an oscilloscope. Synopsis This work contains 57 lessons and 5 complete projects that teach everything a hobbyist needs to know about circuits and circuit design. Inexpensive hardware components for each project can be purchased from an online vendor. The project includes: an automatic night light; a professional quality burglar alarm; building a digital toy using logic gates; designing and building an application using digital counting circuits; and applying translators and op amps to build an intercom system.
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