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Google Money Pro contains all of my personal secrets, tips, and techniques allowing you to set up an extremely profitable affiliate account by professionally advertising with Google AdWords. Best of all, I show you how to do everything in an easy to follow, step by step, illustrated guide. Learn how to: -Find a profitable website to advertise -Professionally set up a Google AdWords Advertising account -Start receiving traffic within 5 minutes -Learn what I do to make $120,000 per month.
Here are some of the many topics covered in Google Money Pro. Topics are divided into two categories: Online Beginners category and Google Advertisers cateogry as your knowlege of Google progresses. Online Beginners includes: -Where to start and how to begin -Information about online affiliate advertising -How online affiliate marketing works -How to make money if you don't own a product. -How to make money advertising other people's websites -Where to find companies which pay you commission for every sale you make -How to choose a website to advertise -How to tell if a website will be profitable or unprofitable -How to set up an affiliate account -How advertising on Google works -How to start a Google Advertising Account -Learn what does what in your Google Account -Step by step instructions showing you how to profitably manage your Google Account -Screen shots of my account(s) showing you exactly what to do -How to make your Google Account easily managable -What to do and what not to do -Avoid all the common mistakes beginners usually make -Skip several years of trial and error -How to make any web site explode in sales -Plus, you will be given all of the expert level information tips tricks and advice. -You will start slow but will end as a successful online advertiser -All the secrets, tips, and technniques I use which make me successful. Plus, much more.
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