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From the Author: The best $37 you have ever spent towards your PC. What you’re reading is worth way over $37 and the primary reason I offer it to everyone at this ridiculous price is because I know how frustrating a slow PC can be (I too was ONCE there.) From now on I really hope you never call a computer man again, those people are a joke, they charge over $250 an hour to do BASIC things like clean your PC or Defragment your HDD and they call that a “complete PC wash”. You’ve just got robbed.
Prepare to be over delivered with information never before seen in an eBook. My name is Kris Mainieri, and for 7 years I have been fixing and optimizing computer part time for extra cash. I have done jobs for many big companies and most of the cyber cafes in my area. I am going to reveal information in here that 99% of you haven’t seen before. I’m not talking about the essentials like Defragmenting and Cleanups but hardcore Internet and registry tweaks and more.
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