Advanced Ajax - Architecture and Best Practices

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Now that the technology has progressed into general usage, the Ajax developer community has a need for books covering architecture, tuning, alternative uses of Ajax, and more. Many books and tutorials have provided good introductions, and they can show you several different ways of implementing ? nd-as-you-type, chat widgets, and RSS/ATOM feed readers. Many of the resources out there explain, in great detail, the history of Ajax and its multiple incarnations before today’s and the implementation centered on the XMLHttp Request JavaScript object. See Appendix A, “Resources,” at the end of this book for some choice suggestions.
This book, instead, looks at using Ajax to create rich, browser-based interfaces for enterprise-level web applications, taking into account the ?exibility, reusability, scalability, and maintainability necessary for such an undertaking. Ajax does not exist in this book as the latest and greatest acronym to hit web development. It instead exists as a tool like any other—extremely useful in some instances and totally wrong in others. For example, many reference sites would ? nd themselves hard-pressed to use Ajax for anything of particular value to their users. Manuals and other reference materials that have large blocks of text for the user to read might come up with an Ajax reader, allowing a single, scrollable pane that late-loads content as the user scrolls though it. This sounds cool, but it destroys the ability to search the page for a particular word or phrase. It also removes the ability to read something once you’ve lost your Internet connection. Some reference sites add auto-suggestions to their search ? elds, but those tend to react too slowly for general usage unless you pre-load the entire dictionary into the browser’s memory, potentially wasting a great deal of bandwidth for a feature that only a few people might enjoy having at their disposal.
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