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W. Edwards Deming said, “You create the system your visitor must navigate. People don’t cause defects, systems do.” Systems can be tested, measured, and optimized. You need to know whether the assumptions that went into creating your site meet the needs and expectations of your audience. More important, you need to know how to optimize your system so you can market more effectively. When we say “testing, measuring, and optimizing,” you may think we’re repeating ourselves (redundantly!).
But these are three distinct activities. When you test, you compare elements on your site or in your campaigns to see which variation best persuades your visitors to complete the action you want them to take. That action might be making a purchase, generating a lead, signing up for a newsletter, or even clicking through to the next step in your selling process (or their buying process). Testing involves setting up an experiment in either an A/B (split) format or in any of the varieties of multivariate formats. Google Website Optimizer is a free testing platform that makes it a snap to perform these tests and review your results.
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