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For problems that require extensive computation, a C program can race through billions of examples faster than most other computing choices. C enables mathematicians of virtually any discipline to create programs to meet their needs quickly, and is available on most computer systems at no cost. C for Mathematicians: An Introduction for Students and Professionals accentuates C concepts that are most valuable for pure and applied mathematical research.
This is the first book available on C programming that is written specifically for a mathematical audience; it omits the languages more obscure features in favor of the aspects of greatest utility for mathematical work. The author explains how to use C to formulate conjectures, create images and diagrams, verify proofs, build mathematical structures, and explore myriad examples. Emphasizing the essential role of practice as part of the learning process, the book is ideally designed for undergraduate coursework as well as self-study. Each chapter provides many problems and solutions which complement the text and enable you to learn quickly how to apply them to your own problems
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