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Offers down-to-earth guidance for hikers, cross-country skiers, ATVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who own or are thinking of buying a GPS receiver, as well as people interested in digital map-making -GPS (global positioning system) receivers draw on satellite signals to precisely determine a person?s geographic position;
as prices for these devices have gone down-entry-level models now sell for $100-sales have risen dramatically -Provides coverage of the increasingly popular sport of ?geocaching,? in which people hunt for a canister hidden at precise geographic coordinates -Explains how to turn cell phones and PDAs into GPS receivers and what hardware is required for connecting a GPS receiver to a PC -Shows how to use popular, inexpensive software packages to create topographic, aerial photographs, and three-dimensional maps, and discusses free Web-hosted map services -The author?s diverse background in archeology, outdoor rescue, adventure racing navigation, and disaster response set him apart from other people writing about this topic.
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