Strategic Planning and Performance Management

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"I find the framework presented by Graham Kenny to be a better alternative to the Kaplan and Norton balanced scorecard approach to strategic management... The practical advice and useful examples presented throughout make for a compelling and enlightening read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book." - Jon Down, PhD, Professor of Strategic Management, College of Business, Oregon State University

"... provides a well articulated and argued approach to strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. It makes a significant contribution to advancing practice." - Professor Bob Hinings, Emeritus Professor of Management, School of Business, University of Alberta "Graham Kenny provides a refreshingly simple method for developing, implementing and measuring strategy and performance - which is what makes this a great book! A significant step forward in strategic planning and performance measurement." - Peter Russell, Partner, KPMG "This book is a refreshing change from most books on strategy. It takes the key ideas on strategy, demystifies them, and puts them together in a compelling way that should provide real benefits for managers. This book should be read by all those who want a clear guide on how to think systematically about the strategic factors that can help their company succeed." - Royston Greenwood, PhD, Telus Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean, Research, School of Business, University of Alberta "At last a book that addresses the most critical element of strategic planning...execution! I found the identification of the seven common faults and recommended remedies in strategic plans very insightful. Through his knowledge,experience and effective use of case references Graham Kenny provides the reader with a structured approach to translate strategy into reality. An outstanding management book." - Robert P. Scherini, Area Manager, International, Johnson & Johnson "Graham Kenny provides a practical framework for --Jon Down, PhD

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