Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

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Search Engine Optimization for Dummies ebook Description :

* A Web site's position in search results will affect the number of times it is visited; this book shows Web site designers, owners, and Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) how to build sites that rank high in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Inktomi, Alta Vista, Overture) and generate high traffic

* This is the first book to cover the entire spectrum of search engine optimization, including important though often-ignored search systems, such as specialty directories and Yellow Pages

* Covers creating search engine-friendly sites and pages; registering sites with standard search engines, directories, shopping directories, and retailers; using registration software and services; understanding tools used to monitor site traffic; advertising on search engines; and developing links to boost ranks

* Introduces the reader to the nature of search engines, explains the different types, and shows which ones are the most important

* Includes a jump-start chapter with simple tricks for quickly boosting a site's ranking

* Companion Web site includes articles and links to important news and registration sites

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