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Foundation Joomla! ebook Description :

Do you want the ability to manage documents, photos, and other content over the web but don't want to shell out thousands of dollars in proprietary solutions? want to create an online community for your hobby or user group? you're not alone. for thousands of like-minded around the globe, the answer is joomla!, an open source content management system (cms) used to manage all sorts of data over the web.

While joomla! is relatively easy to install, a fair amount of knowledge is required in order to configure the application to your specific needs. foundation joomla! is an entry developer and user's guide that gets you started with this popular cms in little or no time. what you'll learn :

* all you need to get started with using content management systems in general.

* how to install, configure and get wet in joomla!

* upload and manage your documents, photos, blog and more using joomla!

* discover and use joomla! menus, components, managers and more. extend joomla!

* how to use the joomla! template manager who is this book for?

Those interested in learning joomla for the first time or to those using drupal and other cms who want to learn joomla! this book is part of friends of ed's 'foundation' series the foundation series is perfect for beginners to a technology, because it doesn't assume any previous knowledge. each book in the series takes you step by step through your chosen technology, starting with the absolute fundamentals and working through all aspects of the technology, ultimately providing you with a firm grasp of the basics that will enable you to create your own applications or web sites. you will learn by following complete examples at every stage of your journey, often by extended case studies that you will build upon throughout the book. the foundation series will give you the broad and solid base you need in order to progress to a higher level of expertise.

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