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IStormer - Make Money With Mobile Phone Apps ebook Description :

In July of 2008, Apple opened their iPhone App Store, which is where people with iPhones can download “apps” (applications) for their phones.

The best part?

They let third-party developers upload and publish their apps. Within a few months, people just like you were making a fortune selling their own iPhone apps through the App Store. Fast forward to today and you’ll see the numbers are staggering… As of this writing, there are more than 15,000 apps listed in the App Store (which is part of the iTunes store). There are 100 million members.

The booming app business is in its infancy – and it’s growing so fast that you simply can’t ignore this market! It’s already turning people into millionaires… and yet it’s just getting started.

Which means NOW is the perfect time for YOU to create app ideas, develop them and turn them into million-dollar applications!

Inside this book you’ll find all the steps you need to take to make your fortune in the apps business, including:

Step 1: How to create ideas for awesome apps. Here you’ll discover how to spur your creativity to uncover apps ideas most people would never think of.

Step 2: How to research your app idea to ensure you’ve got a hungry niche. (Lots of people skip this step and then wonder why they’re not pulling down the big bucks with their “killer” idea.)

Step 3: How to develop your app – here you can either do it yourself if you know a bit about programming, or you can outsource it to a competent freelancer. Whatever you choose, I’ll show you the best way to get the job done.

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