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The basics of search engine optimization are surprisingly, um, basic. In fact, you may be able to make small changes to your Web site that make a huge difference in your site’s ranking in the search results. This part starts with the basics. I begin by explaining which search engines are important. You may have heard the names of dozens of sites and heard that, in fact, hundreds of search engines exist.
You’ll be happy to hear that the vast majority of search results are provided by no more than nine systems, and three quarters of all the results come from a single company. You also discover how to make some quick and easy changes to your Web site that may fix serious search engine problems for you. On the other hand, you may discover a significant (and common) problem in your site that must be resolved before you have any chance of getting into the search engines at all, let alone ranking well. This part of the book also includes basic information on how to create a Web site that works well for both visitors and search engines, and you find out about one of the most important first steps you can take: carrying out a detailed keyword analysis. You’ve got a problem. You want people to visit your Web site; that’s the purpose, after all, to bring people to your site to buy your products, or learn about them, or hear about the cause you support, or for whatever other purpose you’ve built the site. So you’ve decided you need to get traffic from the search engines — not an unreasonable conclusion, as you find out in this chapter. But there are so many search engines! There are the obvious ones, the Googles, AOLs, Yahoo!s, and MSNs of the world, but you’ve probably also heard of others — HotBot, Dogpile, Inktomi, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, EarthLink, LookSmart . . . even Amazon provides a Web search on almost every page. There’s Lycos and InfoSpace, Teoma and WiseNut,, and Web- Crawler. To top it all off, you’ve seen advertising asserting that for only $49.95 (or $19.95, or $99.95, or whatever sum seems to make sense to the advertiser), you too can have your Web site listed in hundreds, nay, thousands of search engines. You may have even used some of these services, only to discover that the flood of traffic you were promised turns up missing.
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