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You know what I absolutely hate about SEO work? Building Links When I first got into this SEO game I remember spending the majority of my time either soliciting other webmasters to trade links with me or finding sites that I could submit my link to. Then I would hope and pray that they would take the time out of their day to put up a link to my sites. After about 3 months of doing this for 40+ hours a week, I began to become very discouraged. Even though I was doing everything the Gurus told me to do for SEO I still could not get my site to rank in Google … and Yahoo and MSN were not very impressed with my efforts either! This is when I began learning about the “Dark Arts of SEO”.
I got my start with a program called Traffic Equalizer. I still remember these glory days of Black Hat SEO. It was almost too easy and we collectively killed Traffic Equalizer’s effectiveness. But something I quickly learned was that the challenge is less about building sites as quickly as possible and more about building sites while also building links automatically that appear to be natural to the search engines.
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